Types of Tanks

The tanks themselves come in a variety of shapes and forms. All models of float tank vary in style and aesthetics, but this has little impact on the quality or experience of the float.






Larger Float Tanks

Manufacturers are often experimenting with the size and dimensions of float tanks, a design decision that actually can have an impact  in the general comfort and experience of the tank. The common dimensions by far are the tanks that are 8 feet long, 4-5 feet wide, and
4-5 feet tall. The most commonly varied dimension is that of height.

There are some tanks on the market that increase their height to allow for full upright standing in the tank. More than actually changing the experience of the float, we’ve found these taller tanks to be incredibly effective at convincing people to try floating for the first time, helping squelch their fears of potential claustrophobia (although claustrophobia has seemingly no effect in any model of float tank).

Width seems to be the only dimension that has a noticeable impact on the float experience itself. A wider tank is one of the most  common requests we get, and manufacturers have begun to make tanks to meet this demand.

Beyond this, there are float tanks that have moved away from walls and ceilings all together, siding rather for a tank that is simply open to the expanse of the room. These are certainly a rarity amongst float centers, and as such we haven’t personally had a lot of interactions with this style of floatation. While at first it seem like bigger is naturally better, there is something to be said about the fort or  womb like nature of the enclosed tanks that our most regular customers seem to appreciate.

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