To begin, there is nothing quite like it. Floating is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. It’s just like getting to know yourself on your own terms. When they say that it’s like floating through outer space, they really mean it. I have never had so much clarity in my entire life. I was able to perform complex math equations that I had never learned how to do. The world felt so much more real and within my control. I highly recommend floating. It turns you into a whole new person.


My entire life I’ve struggled with pain, even when I was young and making a living in tap shoes my joints and things suffered. I’ve officially now at nearly 40 years old been diagnosed with multiple auto immune issues, multiple pain syndromes, including cervical myofascial pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a broken chunk of bone in my spinal cord that the doctors have not been able to remove. My life was nothing but pain, and more pain, and more stress, and yet more stress… Then I discovered Floating. My first time in the tank was a learning curve for sure as I struggled to convince my body to let the experience happen. I still had great results… my Second float was even better, by the third I fell asleep in the tank and woke up able to walk without my cane or walker, feeling better then I have in over 30 years. I now look forward eagerly to my weekly float. The results last longer each time I go, and I’m far more flexible then I’ve been since a car accident in 1993. Float On has helped me regain quality of life. I know nothing can be done for quantity, but I’ll take the drastic increase in quality anytime. I’m a firm believer in this process now… its totally changed my life for the better.

Laura N.

I hate to admit, I was a skeptic at first. I didn’t know what to expect entering a float tank for the first time. It took me a minute to really relax, and let my mind relax. But once I realized that everyone has their own experiences in the float tank, and not every float is the same I was able to let go and really enjoy my experience. I floated on a Friday and I think I had the best weekend ever! I would never classify myself as an artist, but all I did the weekend after was draw… I had a overwhelming sense of happiness that lasted with me a long time… until next Friday; today. I decided that I need to keep this a part of my life. Awesome. Try it. You wont forget it!!!

Google Review

My husband and I had our very first float. I had a lot of different expectations and fears going in, but was happy to have a good experience. I have huge confinement and claustrophobia anxieties, and there was a brief period of freak out, but afterwords I was able to settle in and enjoy the moment. My 90 minutes seriously felt like fifteen. I think I will definitely have to go again now that I know what to expect. I am happy to say that despite all of the anxieties going into a dark enclosed chamber, It was not as bad once you realize you are totally safe and in control at all times. Toward the end I was able to completely relax and sink into the experience and it really is something that is hard to describe. My mind was finally calm, and once I was done, the world seemed brighter, calmer, and I noticed I did not have some of the nagging anxieties hanging around my head. Looking forward to continuing this journey!

Mike W.

I have only floated once, but it was the most amazing experience ever. At first I used the earplugs to try and keep the salt water out of my ears, however the earplugs made it possible to hear small ambient noises. About halfway through my float, I got out and removed the earplugs. When I got back in and allowed the water to flow into my ears, the sense of hearing faded away. Once that happened, the magic began. I found myself seemingly detached from my own body, floating around in an alternate universe. It was one of the most amazing feelings ever, and as I melted away from myself I wanted it to never end. Wanting to hold on to that feeling forever, I drifted along in my outer space. I was sad to hear the music fade in, signaling me that my float had ended. I would recommend floating to anyone. It’s a great way to relax, and an excellent experience that everyone should try at least once!

Jay Simins

I couldn’t possibly put into words what this experience was like. Amazing doesn’t really sum it up. It was peaceful, relaxing, invigorating, enlightening all rolled up into one amazing 90 minutes. The best part of this was that the feeling of lightness and peace lasted the entire night and into the next day! Both my husband and I floated, a first for us both. We would do it again and again and again.

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